Zena Salam is a contemporary women’s wear and textile designer. She earned her BFA in Fashion Design in 2016, from Columbia College Chicago. Her heritage has granted her a unique eye, in the way of design. For Salam, the relationship between the garment and the designer is unique because each garment reflects a unique aspect of her childhood, representing the earthy tones found in Iraqi culture. Each on of Salam’s pieces is hand dyed, and arduously crafted; and even though the designer exercises a lot of control over the dyeing process, imperfections will still occur given the nature of the Shibori dyeing process. She wants to apply her design philosophy towards creating contemporary women’s wear, utilizing innovative pattern-making and dyeing techniques to create textile works. Salam’s design philosophy is one of individuality, allowing for the creation of works fabricated with the client’s characteristically unique features in mind. In doing so, Salam hopes to express, as well as accentuate, the collaborative efforts between herself and her client. Salam’s designs are for the expressive, the young, and most emphatically, the young at heart.