Thesis Statement

The duality of Salam’s identity has formed the concept for her senior thesis collection. To express the core of her personal history Salam chose to reference traditional Arab clothing, as well as iconic western clothing. The traditional Arab clothing Salam looked at was ababya, thobe, bisht kaffiyeh, and haram pants. The American iconic clothing she looked at is athleisure clothing. Athleisure is a fashion category in which clothing designed for athletic workouts at a gymnasium, sometimes termed active-wear, is worn outside of the gym to go the office or shopping or other social occasions. This collection entitled “Misconception” is composed of both silk and knit pieces. The outer layers, made from silk, reference her Arabic heritage. Salam created textiles for her silk pieces using a shibori technique, itajime (folding and clamping), in order to apply the arabic text. The knitwear worn underneath the silk is printed with the name of her collection “Misconception”. The actual word depicted in the clothing is meant to start a conversation between the customer and designer. The color palette is composed of Ash, Boudreaux, True jade, Smoke, Night Sky Blue, and Root Brown is meant to bring a sense of eeriness to the collection.